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Social Club San Valentín



Like if it were a shakespearian novel, love and friendship are continuously in our lives; but there are feelings and emotions beyond love or hate and that’s why at New Deal we gathered some of our students in a Social Club related to Valentine’s Day, giving them the opportunity to learn more about feelings and emotions.

The night was a game night in order to have fun and learn English, so we had a memory game with words related to feelings and emotions, most of them adjectives, such as: happy, afraid, amused, sad, confident, suspicious, anxious, jealous, envious, angry and confused. After that, they learnt how to ask and answer the question: “How do you feel today?” using the adjectives they learnt and some others.

In life we meet people, some of them become our friends, some our best friends and some become our loved ones. For that reason, we prepared a survey, so students could ask and answer questions about their likings, interests, things they can’t stand or simply hate. During this socializing activity, they interviewed at least three different students to find if they could match as BFF (Best Friends Forever); and I have to say that results were a surprise for me, because the shiest student became the best friend that most of the students could have. Just as William Shakespeare could have written.

At the end, we had a great and lovely night and a wonderful social club; so we would like to say thanks to our students and guests who came that night for having such emotional and new experience.

We hope to see you soon in our next Social Club.

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