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Social Club: Saint Patrick’s Day

Social Club: Saint Patrick's Day
Aprendiendo sobre Saint Patrick’s Day en English New Deal.

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17 of each year; he was the patron saint of Ireland, many say that Saint Patrick was of Scottish or Welsh origin, however, he traveled as a missionary to the country of Ireland to speak to Irish citizens about God, also, according to some legends, the priest used the shamrock to teach the holy trinity. By the time of his death, Saint Patrick had already established churches in this country. A few years later he was considered the saint of Ireland.

For the Irish, Saint Patrick’s Day has become a very significant holiday for them and for the Irish around the world; for this reason, in New Deal we decided to celebrate this day through different activities and dynamics where students can actively participate and learn new vocabulary about this celebration.

Don’t forget that you too can be part of this party!

We hope to see you next social club!

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