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At the airport | New Deal Social Club

We all know how important airports are; in fact they have become the most used accommodations when it comes to traveling. A long time ago airports were not as popular as they are right now, so people did not pay so much attention to their existence. Over the years traveling has become a more popular action due to globalization and worldwide business connections, people have started going from one place to another around the planet due to their jobs, projects or maybe just for touristic purposes.

Back in the day big ships and trains, powered by steam and coal, were the most common means of transportation for people depending on the length and location of their journeys and voyagers used to spend long hours, days and even months to go from one place of the world to another, but that was a long time ago. Since the invention of the airplanes everything changed, that new innovation in the transportation business gave a whole new concept to traveling, they would be faster, safer and more comfortable, therefore business people and tourists started to use them more and prefer them over the former ones.

Through the years they have become the most popular mean of transportation in the whole world due to the improvements and innovations made by the big airplane factories, which make them more comfortable each time and airports and hubs offer more and more benefits to the passengers to make their voyages better each time they decide to travel.

Airports, just like planes, have become very important and necessary throughout time, however not only are they important and necessary, but also they are more sophisticated and more technological as time passes, so we wanted to show this to the students as well as the popularity they have acquired until now.

We carried out a various didactic activities where all the students from different levels were involved, they had the opportunity to learn new vocabulary about the airport as well as the processes and routines that passengers and airport employees have to do on a daily basis, the activities went from drawing important parts of the airport in groups to guessing the new words learnt at the beginning of the social club.

The main goal of this social club was to provide our students with new vocabulary and terms commonly used by people at airports, but at the same time we wanted to make them have a nice time sharing their experiences and opinions among each other. At the end of the activities, not only were they able to identify and learn the different areas of an airport but also they had a good time and socialized with all the invitees. They even had the chance to receive the meal airlines usually offer to their passengers!

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