Social Club Independence Day: Roleplaying Party


July was with no doubt a very special month for all of us at New Deal, not only because we were commemorating the Independence of our country, but also because we decided to celebrate in a very special way.

We all know the bunch of restrictions we are facing right now due to the active pandemic around the planet, and even though we are not allowed to gather together, physically, nobody has said anything about virtual gatherings, so we had a huge virtual celebration in which all of our invitees had the chance to express themselves and the wishes they had for the commemoration of independence day.

Throughout the activity we could discuss about how important it is to feel identified with the traditions of your homeland and the way people should care about this kind of feelings. Several comments emerged as the activity was being developed while some other students would also remember that this month was not only the Peruvian independence celebration, but also the American, Colombian and Venezuelan one. After pointing this out everyone got ready to deliver their role-play performance that was related to the independence holidays and some other daily living scenarios. – It was hilarious.

Before concluding the activity everyone had the chance to speak in order deliver a message to all the people present in the meeting, there were so many good wishes from everyone that at the end it felt as if we had been celebrating together (physically) and not through a screen!! However that was exactly the goal we wanted to reach for that activity and for all the other activities held in our home New Deal.


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