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Social Club: Have FUN from HOME!


There is no other way we could start this than being grateful for your enthusiasm and for your support. Despite we are not having the best time of our lives, your energy and empathy have given to us the motivation we need to move forward; and that’s why we had a great time together during a Social Club specially designed to have FUN from the best place we can be in these days: HOME.

This Social Club had different interactive and amusing activities which you could practice your english skills while having fun and a singular time from each safe place that our houses represent. So the night was a game night with activities like “The Acronym Race” where participants could practice their spelling and vocabulary knowledge. Also, “Dare or Truth” where they should choose one of the options and answer the unexpected question selected randomly, finishing in hilarious and surprising answers from our enthusiastic participants.

In addition to those activities, they could put in practice their vocabulary during the “Related Words” game, besides giving us the opportunity to find the fastest mind. As if all that laughter wasn’t enough, they had the chance to create their own story starting with a random sentence and following the idea showing their comprehension and creativity, besides practicing their sentence structure and tenses skills. In order to do so, they were divided into virtual groups (yes, you have just read that! Thanks Zoom) and after a period of fifteen minutes, they were told to share their story with incredible and unexpected endings.

With all that, we shared two hours of great time having fun from HOME and learning English!. Finally, we would like to finish as we started, saying thanks to our students who attended that night for having such a wonderful and new virtual experience.

We hope to see you soon in our next Social Club.


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