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Learn English

Learn English

Learning a second language has become an important element in the professional and intellectual development of the human being, nowadays the amount of people in the active process of learning a second language has increased significantly allowing the language-teaching world to grow and enhance its methodologies day by day.

Among the most popular languages people choose to learn as their second tongue, we have English as the preferred one in all the possible ways, for business people, students and professionals are more interested in learning this language as days pass, but what is the reason for this to happen?

In my personal opinion as an English teacher, the main reason for this could be as simple as the fact that English is a language that can always help you reach new horizons, throughout time this language has been the most popular in the business world due to its simplicity and easy learning process, but the learning process of English has been changing with time also, nowadays conversational methods provide learners with different communication skills that help them have a different learning perspective during the process of improving their speaking abilities, which, in my opinion are the most important skills concerning real communication in English.

Through conversational methods the students are able to be in constant and close contact with the language, by listening, repeating and then recreating the sounds they hear and learn in class, just like the natural process of learning to speak in their mother tongue, so for this reason the approach that they acquire in relation with the language is more positive and effective than the one they would get by a conventional method.

Grammar, writing and reading are also important elements during the English learning process, that’s why the conversational method gives these elements a different perspective tilting them more to the oral part in order to make students focus on speaking as they learn them. Conventional methods tend to seem boring and complicated for some people and this is the main reason why day by day more people get interested in learning a second language, such as English, through a conversation-styled method.

There is no doubt that the more you listen to English, even though you don’t completely understand it , the better you get in the process of learning and mastering it, for your brain saves the new sounds and vocabulary which later help you have both, a great fluency and proficiency.


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