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International Women’s Day – Social Club 2022


International Women’s Day – social club



What Is International Women’s Day? March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration dedicated to uplifting women and honoring their achievements. But this feel-good day started off as more than a day to celebrate the women in your life – it was born out of socialism, protest, and a fight for labor rights.



Gender equality

The goal behind Women’s Day is to spread the message of gender equality, celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in different spheres, and work towards building a society free of all gender biases, stereotypes, gender parity, and discrimination.



  1. Introduction time:


Short introduction.-



-where are you from?


-mention 2 of your hobbies



  1. Video: What is International women’s day?



-In the middle of the video stop and ask about – what is something important that you heard until this point?


-And at the end – what is something that you like hearing from the video?




  1. Questions Activity:


(In the break out rooms)



1-How are you celebrating International women’s day? how it is celebrated in your country?


2-What does IWD mean to you?


3-What is the message of International women’s day?

4-What can men, do to help to achieve equality?

5-What are the most effective ways to counteract the negative stereotypes of feminism, especially in the workplace?

6-What progress have you seen on gender equality in your life and work?

7-Why do we need more women in leadership?

8-What’s your International Women’s Day message?


  1. Video: What does this day mean to you?



  1. Participation of Caroline:

Ask the previous questions to caroline from France.


It is also the time for anyone to give their answers to the whole group.




  1. Dedicating phrases Activity




  • You have to choose a phrase that you would like to dedicate to the women in your life, you have to read it out loud and explain what it means to you.


  1. «You are the artist of your own destiny, do not let anyone take the brush and paint your future.»


  1. «If people doubt how far you can go, go as far away as you can so you can’t hear them.»


  1. “Don’t give power to your past to define your future. We celebrate Women’s Day with you.


  1. «How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.»


  1. “Will life be easy? No. Will it be worth your effort? Absolutely».


  1. «You will have to battle your worst days to accumulate the best of your life.»


  1. «Be the woman you needed when you were little.»


  1. “Do not compare your life with that of others. There is no comparison between the moon and the sun, each one has its time to shine.


  1. «Think big, trust yourself and make it all happen.»


  1. «When things change inside you, things change around you.»




  1. Conclusion

To conclude, it feels nice to have a day to celebrate the achievements of women. Thus, on this international women’s day, let’s recognize the significance of women in our lives and on society and inspire them for greater future achievements. As they can contribute equally to the home, society, and nation.




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