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Independence Day 2021

July 4 th also known as The 4 th of July is an important day for Americans, it is the day their country was born.

New Deal had the privilege to celebrate this important festivity with our Social Club. Through different activities, participants learnt many things about this important celebration. Now, they know how American celebrate July 4th, how they decorate their houses as well as the food they eat during this festivity.

During this meeting, each participant expressed how they celebrate their country’s Independence Day and could recognize how different Independence Day is celebrated in other countries.

Afterwards, we had the honour to have Simon, a foreigner from Poland. He shared with all the students some important facts about his country and how they celebrate polish Independence Day. Additionally, students had the
opportunity to ask different questions about his culture.

You can also live this experience with us. We hope you can join us!

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