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In defense of Valentine’s Day

Not Christmas, not Blue Monday, not your birthday. Valentine’s Day is the most controversial day of the year. And we are in defense of it and the people who like to celebrate this controversial date. You may have noticed that since a few years ago (maybe since always?), February 14, Valentine’s Day has a great opposition, and we partly understand it, especially from the perspective of the fight against romantic and normative love, and against the commodification of good feelings.

However, now that we live in a reality of cynicism, incommunication and ideological polarization, celebrating love is more necessary than ever. But we’re not going to tell you what kind of love to celebrate. That’s the interesting part of Valentine’s Day: getting inside its discourse to dismantle it from the inside.

That’s why, at New Deal, we celebrate together with our students the most romantic social club of the year. In it, we mention our favorite Anglo-Saxon movies and songs related to the holiday. We practiced related vocabulary and learned cheesy phrases needed to express our sweetest feelings.

The best-known history of Valentine’s Day dates back to a holiday associated with a priest named Valentine, who secretly married couples in the third century during the rule of Claudius II in Rome, because the latter had banned marriages as he considered young men to be good soldiers. As a result of this history, the date became popular for weddings, proposals and romantic celebrations and is often associated with going to romantic dinners, sending and receiving floral arrangements or perhaps giving gifts to the one you love.

The most valuable of gifts is having pure feelings, honest relationships, shared time and knowing that none of it has a price tag, nor does it need to be labeled for sale to the public.

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