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Escape Rooms | New Deal Social Club

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular around the world. The exact date of creation of the escape room is unknown but it is suggested the first one was in Japan is 2007.
You might wonder what that is. It is a game where people are locked into a room and have to find a way to escape by finding clues (= signs or information that help you find the answer to a problem or mystery) in it, and solving puzzles, real escape rooms are related to cooperative training and education, due to the beneficial skills development the escape game fosters. An escape room game places students in a situation that prompts them to quickly become part of a scenario. If students are unable to complete the tasks given them in time, they risk never escaping the new world they have entered.

One great thing about this kind of games is how good they are for teamwork. Often, these games are played in small groups of 4-5 people, we had almost ten people playing with us last Saturday. Students learned to rely on one another, as well as shared their own talents with the group. These games cannot be played alone and they highlight the abilities and strengths of each person: one student may be good at reading clues, while another might understand puzzles quickly. As students learned to help each other, they were able to master the game, and escape in time. Escape room games are great to help exercise critical thinking skills as students solve puzzles, riddles, and clues. The participants were asked to solve word puzzles, given riddles, hidden messages, and more. The clues were hidden throughout the classroom and by reading the clues, students had to brainstorm together, and figure out where they could find their next envelopes.

The activity was great, students could complete all the tasks and finally they were able to leave the classroom with a smile on their faces and the nice feeling of living the experience of experiential learning with New Deal.

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