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Copa America’s Social Club

Hello everybody!!!!

As most of you should know, the Copa America 2019 is being hosted by Brazil this time; and at New Deal we are crazy about soccer, even more when we talk about such important title and our national soccer teams.


Peru, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Qatar, Japan and Brazil are fighting to get the title, that is why we wanted to celebrate this important event with a Social Club, where students could practice their English while having fun and learning about soccer and the Copa America. It is important to mention that for this Social Club we had twelve students with us! We are happy for that!

This time, our academic staff worked hard to offer the best soccer environment for the students. Also, they prepared three activities for them:

  1. Passing the ball: Two teams, one against the other, fighting for the glory. Each team has to pass the ball and with every pass had to say a word related to soccer and the Copa America. The team that did not say the word, received one goal. This way they could practice and learn vocabulary while being fast with the ball, because every team had only three second to pass the ball.
  2. Penalty shootout: In this activity, we had two teams shooting questions to the goalkeeper of the other team. Every good answer was a block and every wrong answer was a goal. Obviously, we had a thrilling penalty shootout. I will have to wait 3 weeks to see my finger’s nails again. With this activity, they could practice questions and answers!
  3. The Fan Zone: As soccer lovers, we had to sing a song to encourage our favorite team: PERU! That is why we selected the song: Sudemos la camiseta! to make an English version. But the lyrics was scrambled like a puzzle, so the students had to order the song in order to get the lyric. Here they could practice reading and comprehension besides translating. At the end everybody sang the song. So we decided to leave it here in case you want to sing it too:


Lets’ sweat the shirt

Let’s fight together with claw and heart

Let every goal just be a party

Let every match increase the passion for the ball!


To finish the Social Club, New Deal prepared snacks for everybody.

We hope to see you in our next Social Club. Thank you all for being part of New Deal!.

See you soon!


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