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Social Club: THE BAR

Hello New Dealers!!!!

As the greek philosopher Heraclitus said “The only constant in life is the change”, New Deal decided to change its Social Club experience, not only whit a new day, but also with renewed sensations and decided to offer a different time to our students and guests.

That’s why we changed the day from Saturday morning to Friday night, and we came up with the idea of an English Bar which was named after our General Manager as FOSTER’S BAR. And here it comes another reason to name it like that:

FOSTER as a verb means “to encourage the development or growth of ideas or feelings” and that is exactly what we feel working at New Deal and we want to encourage our students to develop their English skills through new feelings and experiences. And as an adjective its meaning is “providing a home and care to a person” and we want you to FEEL AT HOME when you are at New Deal.

But returning to the experiences at Foster’s Bar, we had the opportunity to celebrate while learning English in our social club; so we decided to encourage our students and guests to be our bartenders; that’s why we gave them the recipes of two popular drinks in Perú: The Classic Chilcano and the Free Cuba. Then we divided them in two teams, after that each member of the teams picked a piece of paper with one of the ingredients written on it, that way they could learn new vocabulary identifying the ingredient on the table with the ones they had. Once they finished, each team followed the instruction in the recipe in order to prepare one drink for each member of the team. At the end, they had to taste the drink and guess the name of it.


After that interesting and tasteful experience, our students, guests and we shared time doing what people do when they go to a bar: Talk and meet new people while drinking and having some delicious snacks.


Finally, we would like to thank to our students and guests who came that night for having such a wonderful and new experience. Thank you all for being part of New Deal!.

We hope to see you in our next Social Club.

See you soon!


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