Social Club: September 11 attacks

We remember on this day, the sensitive demise of many people during the attack to the world trade center best known as “the twin towers” on September 11th, 2001.

In this social club, we focused on the characters of this famous event, we learned vocabulary related to the topic and also we watched some videos where they could share their feelings about the attacks.

Through the class, they learned vocabulary related to those people who contributed in the construction of the building such as politicians, governors, port authority and mayor, also, they learned about those specialists such as architects and engineers and last but not least, they learned about those people who worked inside the twin towers such as waiters, waitresses and brokers, this activity was focused in enrich the vocabulary of the students.

September 11 attacks changed the world entirely, after that the security in airports around the world became stricter and more careful

We cannot forget this day and we have to fight for a world free of violence where we can live in peace.

We hope you can participate in the next one!

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