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At the Supermarket | New Deal Social Club

The supermarket is a large shop which sells most types of food and other goods needed in the home, in which people take from shelves the items they want to buy and pay for them as they leave. You can find almost everything you want to buy for your daily living in this place nowadays.

In our last social club at New Deal, we turned the academy into a supermarket in which all our guests were able to interact with each other, they had the chance to learn new things concerning vocabulary related to the different areas and products normally found at supermarkets.

To begin, and as an ice breaker all the students introduced themselves so that they could learn each other’s names , after that we all played The Supermarket List game, that consisted in naming a list of articles usually bought at the market, remembering the order of each one of them to avoid losing the game.

By the end of the social club all of the students and invitees achieved the goal of exercising their memory and at the same time they practiced their speaking and communication skills through the new phrases and common expression we taught them. Without a doubt next time they go to the supermarket, they will have a brand new appreciation of the place.

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