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Pandemic: The other face

As time goes by, also does the spread of the ultimate, highly-contagious Novel Coronavirus , also known as COVID-19, which is without a doubt, a very strong threat to humanity, one, seemingly never seen before. From the moment it started out in the Chinese province of Hubei, the epicenter of the massive pandemic – the authorities of the City of Wuhan, took a little long to adopt the measures needed to stop the virus, causing it to quickly spread round the country, and eventually it also started to spread around the world.

Many doctors and health professionals had already warned the authorities about the danger the virus would mean , but , they didn’t pay attention to these warnings and thought that perhaps it would just be a kind of seasonal flu that would go away by the end of the season; they were obviously wrong, and that little mistake led us to the strongest and more lethal pandemic in modern history.

The world quickly discovered that nobody was ready to face a pandemic with such proportions and aggressiveness , but still realizing it, they didn’t seem to be completely concerned about it, and decided to keep waiting for the virus to weaken by itself. Well, that didn’t happen and as days went by, it started to get stronger; soon thereafter the worst was about to be discovered, there wasn’t — and isn’t — any proper medicine that could kill the virus nor existing vaccine to help those who have not been infected, prevent the infection.

Although, there is no actual drug to treat the infected patients, some scientist have been carrying out some studies from which they have gotten positive outcomes, the have found some drugs that can help on the process of fighting against the virus hosted in the human body and eventually making the patient become healthier and recover in a matter of weeks, but these are only kind of – Pilot Procedures – which up till now have been working well.

On the other hand doctors and professionals around the globe have come to a conclusion supported by the WHO, which consist in social distancing, self isolation or also called staying at home. This measures started to be carried out in mid February in some Asian countries and regions, but apparently social distancing was not enough and soon after many more countries started to adopt similar measures and added more — even more– drastic including flight cancellations. But that is not it, many cities and countries completely stopped their commercial activities and closed their borders until further notice, some of the biggest companies on the planet stopped their activities and were forced to temporarily close their stores and parks, and with no doubt this started to become a problem for the global economy.

But, despite all of this disaster happening, not everything is that bad, due to the social distancing and to all the measures adopted by several countries the planet started to heal, not only showing us that we are the real threat to our home, but also that we are the responsible ones for all the damage that the planet has been experiencing for a long time; anyways, the first positive results derived from this measures were lower levels of air pollution in big cities such as Wuhan and Venice among others; this also caused natural environments to recover from a stage near the extinction, many touristic zones around the globe seem to be more beautiful without the presence of the human kind.

Swans and fish went back to the canals in Venice, dolphins arrived in the coast of Peru, mountain goats came down to the city in Ireland, monkeys had a city tour on the streets of Malaysia, whale sharks and humpback whales gave some shows on the northeastern coasts of Venezuela, and animals that were thought to be extinct, started to reappear in their natural environments; but these are only positive side results that we are seeing after the measures taken.

Regarding the virus, the self isolation and quarantine that has been adopted around almost every country in the planet, has helped to stop the spread of this strong new Coronavirus, being the only antidote against it. As of now, more than 1M people have been infected, more than 100k have been killed by this virus and many others have had complications during this pandemic. For this and many other million reasons it is crucial that we stay at home the necessary time in order to stop the massive pandemic.

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