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2020 Current Affairs

Feb, 6th 2020

2020 is here, and it’s been quite an intense year from the beginning, as of today the world has been experiencing so many changes that – sometimes — have seemed to be unbelievable; from climate change to political crisis, to new eastern viruses,– and even — the discovery of new planets in outer space! Yes, it has only been a little bit more than a month from this “Year of the Rat” and it has started out as one of the most intense years in decades.

By the time the first New Moon of 2020 appeared in the sky, so began the Chinese New Year’s celebration, which is not only held by Chinese, but also by billions of people around the world. The date of this holiday changes every year and it is a 15 day celebration that ends on the full moon, exactly on the15th, day and it is called the Chinese Lantern Festival. Every Chinese year is represented by an animal and this year is the official Year of the Rat.

Though it has been a huge celebration during many years, this time it had to be cancelled due to a new virus outbreak amongst the Wuhan residents called Novel Coronavirus 2019, this epidemic quickly spread around continental China causing neighboring countries to shut their borders down and to adopt other measures, such as flight cancellations from and into china in order to prevent it from spreading out to more countries, but the attempts to achieve so haven’t been so effective, by February 2020 the 2019-nCoV has killed more than 700 people, has spread to more than 28 countries and more than 34,000 cases have been confirmed.

As a prevention measure doctors advise, to avoid sneezing and coughing in public, without covering your mouth, to drink plenty of water and to keep a good vitamin ” C” level in our daily lives at least until March 2020; and of course not to travel to China!

On the other hand, businesses around the world expect this year to be a profitable one for the world economic scene, though some countries are going through tough times these days, others have kicked out the last year of this decade with very good economic indexes which mean a positive thing for their own internal economy.

Without a doubt 2020 is going to be the year of changes in many aspects, and we have witnessed it in different ways during the first-and-a-half month that has gone by until now.

All of us at New Deal are always aware of the events occurring around the world in order to be able to spread the information among our students community so everyone is updated about the world’s current affairs.


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