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Social Club : New year´s resolutions

With the start of the new year, it is time to take stock of the previous one, reviewing the goals we have achieved and planning for the new ones. Despite the ups and downs, making New Year’s resolutions is a task that cannot be missed. That’s why at new deal, we dedicate January’s social club to it.

This time, we analyzed the curious answers given by children to the question: What is your goal for this new year? and we analyzed the differences with the adults’ answers to the same question.

The videos were the following:

Then we talked about the tools that allow good time management in order to achieve our goals:

Personal agenda

An agenda in which to reflect the list of tasks and purpose to fulfill. You can use this agenda to not forget any of the tasks you have planned and cross off those that you achieve. In this way, you will be able to see how many goals you are achieving, this will be motivating. You can decorate it with colors and stickers to make planning more fun.

Weekly calendar template

Another great idea is to design your own calendar, which will help you create a routine and set goals by weeks, assigning each task the necessary time. The most convenient is to make a daily planning by completing a whole week.


There are mobile applications that allow you to always carry a list of pending tasks and habits that you want to achieve every day. As with the personal agenda, these applications allow you to clearly define your objectives, organize and prioritize pending tasks and count the goals you have already achieved. Other well-known apps are Habitica, TickTick: Tasks & Calendar and Do!

We are more than sure that this year you will achieve every one of your dreams. You can count on us to cover the goal of English, we are happy to accompany you on this path. we hope you join us in the next social club!

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