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Karaoke Night | New Deal Social Club

Karaoke is a Japanese invention where, by looking at a screen, people can sing by reading the lyrics and listening to the music without a voice being heard. They can also listen to books and read the scripts from karaoke, so there are many possibilities.

Singing is a great way to practice a second language during the process of learning it, for it allows you to imitate sounds and intonation, this is the reason why Karaoke is not a new technique for learning English, though it is mainly used for social and enjoyment purposes.

Students often have difficulty and experience lots of problems with pronunciation in English but they can improve it through the use of karaoke. It is also shown that the karaoke classes offer a lot of fun and creativity while students cooperate with each other to achieve their pronunciation goals.

In our Karaoke social Club at New Deal we decided to do something different with our students, even though our main goal was to make them sing and have fun among each other, we also wanted them to learn something new from it, for this reason we prepared and carried out various activities involving them in order to provide them with new vocabulary, they were also able to express themselves about their music preferences, they learnt about the influences that a song can have in one person, they got to socialize with their different classmates, of different levels, and they had fun as they learnt.

Overall, the activity was a success and the students were happy with the results and by the end of the social club they were able to easily pronounce and intonate words and phrases they could not before.

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