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Social Club: Jukebok Night!

Hello everyone! I still hear some voices singing!

What a great and long night!! What it was supposed to be a two-hour Social Club, it ended up in a three and a half hours of music, english, singers and fun. The night started with a classic to cheer all the participants up, so we welcomed them with “We will rock you”, but that was only the beginning because after that they had a funny drill touching their heads while counting pronouns following the lyrics and music of Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz with the activity “Touch and count”. Those brains were confused with both actions but the results were great for a warm-up activity.

Then The Backstreet Boys got on the stage in the activity “I don’t belong here” where the participants had to identify the words that didn’t belong to the original lyrics, and I have to say that I was surprised with the accuracy level they got here. Those ears were nailin’ it. After that the queen of the night showed up …yes, you’ve guessed it folks! Britney Spears (not the toxic one) gave them “One more time” to order the sequence of the lyrics, and as the previous activity, it seemed they were Britney’s fans, because it was a piece of cake for them (or as I usually say: easy peasy…).

After those activities and when the Social Club was about to end, the participants started asking for more, they wanted to sing more!; so we had no option and started playing songs on demand and the artistic vein and some talents appeared on stage with songs from all decades, starting with The Bee Gees and finishing with Dua Lipa, discovering the fantastic music lovers we have as students!.

As usual, we would like to thank you all for having such a wonderful and virtual (despite it felt pretty real) experience.

We hope to see you soon in our next Social Club.


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