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Social Club: The Pan American Games

Hello New Dealers!!

Did you know that…

The Pan American Games also known as the Pan Am Games is a major sporting event in the Americas featuring summer sports, in which thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions. The competition is held among athletes from nations of the Americas, every four years in the year before the Summer Olympic Games. There has only been one edition of the Winter Pan American Games and they were held in 1990 in Argentina. This year our city had the privilege of hosting this important Olympic Games and all of us had the opportunity of enjoying them.

Promoting sports and encouraging the new generations to practice them is a very important thing nowadays that’s why all of us at New Deal took the time to celebrate and honor all the athletes and all the people that made an effort to carry out this event in our own unique way.

In our social club about the pan American games we started by talking about the most influential Peruvian athletes in the different disciplines in this edition’s competitions, so in that way each student would have the time to about their favorites.

After the students introduced themselves and had the time to give their own opinion about the athletes and their favorite sports, we started with the first activity which consisted in unscrambling hidden sport names written in the form of awkward phrases, with that activity they had the opportunity to practice their English skills by trying to get every word right; the following activity consisted in a role playing game where representatives from two groups would read a short story and a dialog and afterwards their teams had to discuss about the topic and details in the reading, by doing that they had the chance to practice their speaking skills and they also could interact among others.

The – Last but not least – activity was about completing the names of different sports on a list illustrated with drawings, this was the closing activity and the participants were able to socialize and work in groups in order to reach the goal.

By the end of the Social Club everybody had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of warm coffee and a delicious piece of cake sharing their experiences during the development of the activities.

It is always good to have these kind of activities with our students and invitees in order to help them improve their English, communicative skills and interaction with the language. So, whenever you want to practice your English this is the best place to do it!!


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